2011 is forever in my soul

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Since I've got nothing to blog about and i still thinking about posting something, I decided to recall all the memories on 2011, since today is the last day more to 2012. It took a long time for me to write about this, because there were too many incidents happened, sweetest memories and most remembered throughout  this 1 year, 2011. I don't know why, but I think time flying so fast in 2011 until i don't realize next year 2012, don't you think so?and i still searching what i want in my life till now. What happened in 2011 (to me?) ? Let me list them..

  • New school and new buddies (best friends indeed). Migrated to SMK Bachok. My class was 4 Gamma and it was freaking okay.okay?err..yess.okay :).The teachers there are fine too and it same goes with the school and hostel.I met many people with many types of habits.it made me realize that "experience is the best teacher".the sweetest moment ever when i got to know freaking awesome awesome awesome soul mate.Thanks KAK FIDA,KAK AMY,KAK IDA,K.DIELA AND K.YUNI.These people are my souls.you're the best person ever and i love you all more than you know :)i will miss you guys and now SAYA RINDU LAAH.Why can't we get all the people together in the world that we really like and then just stay together?I guess that wouldn't work.  Someone would leave.Someone always leaves.Then we would have to say good bye. I hate goodbye.I know what I need.I need more hellos.We only part to meet again.right?.i am SPM SLAVE 2012 eventhough I'm so not ready for SPM 2012 (-__-)
  • 4 Gamma made my life going to grrr..haha.it seems that everyone awkward for the first time but they're friendly and i'm glad to get know them as the new friends.as a new student,i got some problems to deal up with them and i'm trying my best to understand them.
  • Family issue. I can't tell what it is but this thing makes me disappointed and sad. But now I can handle this thing .
  • i live in hostel for the first time and i should be more independent without trouble others.Fyi,i'm glad to do that.i mean,everything that i did when living at the hostel was,i'm trying to do many things with my ability.
  • the most sad moment in 2011:my house was robbed by the stupid and moron robbers.ARRGHH!MONSTER!
  • Great Hari Raya celebration with my big family.The best raya for me because I got too many duit raya!hehe.
  • a big misunderstanding with someone until i cried without ignored some people around me.its the stupid thing i ever did.ngeh2.
  • I think there were so many holidays on 2011, right? Who's with me? :D
  • i will miss my KAK BEDOH and POAH a lot.ERRHHHGHH! 
  • operate KATAK for the first time.haha.its an experiment.its about observe the respiratory system of frogs.SAYA PEGANG KATAK BUAT KALI PERTAMA DALAM HIDUP SELAMA 16 TAHUN.*PROUD.
  • I'm tired of being what you want me to be.Feeling so faithless, lost under the surface. I don't know what you're expecting of me. Put under the pressure of walking in your shoes. Every step that i take is another mistake to you.WHAT should i do?stop asking me what the heck should i do cause i'm tired of drama.
  • my face got many pimples this year.i don't know why.congrats pimples.you made me *PROUD. :(
  •  I can't take my eyes off of you
  • sometimes,i don't know what i'm doing for one year.weird?
  • i got twin.haha.i mean,some people at my school even the teachers said that my face is just like same with my senior(form 5).and i was so  furious when people keep asking me either i was her younger sister and so on.seriously,i hate this part.one more,some teacher can't distinguish our face.grr..like a G6.
  • i got new angel but i never forget the old angel. :)
  • living in hostel was teaching me about LIFE.
  • fasting and BERBUKA PUASA for the first time at hostel.its the best experience ever!
  • separated with my baby cybershot.cried.
  • AMB

There are many more and it will take more days to list all of them.haha.Listing those above took one whole day okay, I swear.HAHA. May 2012 brings more good things to me,insyaAllah.I’ve given it some thought, so glad the past is gone. Seems like my moments come and I love that a lot. Don’t rain on my parade, see I’m here to stay. The life I’ve led so far, I’ve done a damn good job. Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do, my life is free and not owned by you. i don't want to waste my time for someone like You.so,i don't need any criticism at all.I never forget my life in 2011.wish me good luck in SPM :) Sorry for my lousy grammar. :)practice makes perfect,darl :)

with love,


  1. huhu..

    nana nak ucap selamat tahun baru :)


    k.ame,i missed you damn much :(