nothing on you,babe.

Annyonghaseyo!heyy people out there.lets move on!HAHA.lead a new life that we wish better than before.Act,i wanna tell one world that i hate damn much people who is two faced person.And for sure,,i don't love to play around with people like that.Heyy babe!i'm begging to you,don't stare at me like a crazy creature.I don't like the way you look at me by moving your eyes to the side.eissshh.!so annoying~i have a lovely song to you!

Menjeling2 mata juling
menjeling2 mata keling


best?thanks.haha.sorry to say darl,u made me feel like,,what the heck..please laa der,gwa tak buat anything wrong to you,so kau tak yah aa nk buat muke sengal n poyo tu kt gwa.tak laku minachi woohh..ni laa mauusiall,Tuhan bg bibir tuh,smile laa.its so hard?lain laa if you stay alone kt dunia nie.Don't be so shallow-minded laa.by hook or by crock and willy-nilly,i have 'to' confront this drama.frankly,I'm tired to be an actress.HAHA.Fyi,I'm particularly annoyed by people who tell tales,nosy and judge people as she/he knows everything.

nOta semputt:my lovely mom pesan, kte tak bole gune bahasa yang terlalu kasar bila marah at someone.but,saya kata simple2 kasar tu bole.HAHA.so,mind your words.guna laa budi bahasa yg kaw2 sour ea.HEHE.

with love,

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