heyy creatures.i hope you're fine.act,i wanna tell you about my new life.yaa.new life.frankly,people who living in the hostel nie they have to discipline  themselves.~including me~HAHA.so,hostel nie tak laa terok mane. like Suzy said kalu best,best.if not,NOT laa.sometimes HOMESICK.but,i can manage it.hehe.well..you know me.but,i have a little bit prob to communicate with them..maybe i'm still new student.but,they are friendly and outspoken.not all but some of them.there some advantages when i'm living at the hostel,,such as i can wake up a little bit late than before.HAHA.cause when i stay at home,i have to wake up early to school.i found its cool.hehe.and people who studying there is so fair.no doubt about that.HAHA.and i admiring at someone right now.i shout about that at my fb.so,i don't need to share here.one more thing,i hate damn much when makhluk tuhan tuh always copying my word or ideas in my class.bila cegu tnya,aku jwb soalan tuh.tp,fyi,my voice x laa mcm Azlan and the typewriter tuh,,so she/he sees me,dia pn copy lpstu jwb kuat2..so childish and annoying.what the fisssshh.aku malas nk layan orang main ciplak2.cetak rompak nieh.not important.nothing laa..so,today nk blaa p hostel.i hope will be fine there. :) daa~

with love,

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  1. bestla dok hostel..:)

    nway cipa tag awk..:)