i think too much

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Not knowing anymore who i even am, so lost, so confused, so scared. The quiet things no one ever knows .huhhh .i haven't a clue what i want right now .macam blurr .I dont know whats wrong with me lately, so many thought in my heads.The only thing i can do is try though and that’s what i’m gonna do. I think i’m always gonna be a thinker and an over-thinker, that’s just me. The thing i need to do is find a balance and not to keep worrying over the same thing over and over again . haishhh . I dont know. i just have a lot of feels lately.I hate that i can’t ever explain how i feel. I would like to tell you how i feel, but even i don’t know what i’m feeling .there’s literally no words for it . pity me . I want to stop analysing everything i do, think, say, and just do it.But overthinking things does my fucking head in. Do you see my problem ? My over thinking is literally killing me inside .Dont overthinking Amna. Just let it go because it can leads to negative thoughts. so ,Trust in Him and believe. He will always show you the way.

thats so me ! hahaha

I don't always update my blog, but when i do, i prefer to share about my life . my clueless life . erghh . piqaa , saya takde benda best nak share kat blog hahh .end up with boring entry nie jelah . so, stop asking me to update my blog . hahaha . nie pun i terpaksa update sebab you duk merengek suruh update . gila propa kau Amna . haha .my entry is so pointless lol . I shouldnt update my blog . :P Kbaii people . May ALLAH bless all of you and solve your problems.Ameen .Have a nice day ! :)
with love ,

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  1. Haha tell me what's in your mind then, Lol xD