hello readers.firstly,i miss you damn much my blog.i thought you forgot me..ouuch..~mY feeling is blue~And now,I'm lost.lost.lost.what a stress day!double triple sighsss.I hate this part. I got a tone of homework.oh no!i always do my homework eleventh hour.so,You deserved it Amna!:P haha..~Devil laugh~ but,i still berblogging.haha.`Mug girl` haha.Hey!stop laughing!serious..~ngaa~ someone can help me??aha.come here,my angel.i need you!.Help me!

AnGel:what is you problem,dear?

     me:i am in hot water.please help me.please finish up           all my homework.please!

angel:i am sincerely sorry.I can't.

    me:but why??i need your help!i don't care.you must           help me.~~

angel:nope.you have to work hard.its no use if you ask          someone to finish up all your homework.do it by           yourself.Don't give up.I kNOw You can do it!

    me:ohh.....sorry.yeah.i will try my best.thanks.i'm
         quite okay now..huhuh.

angel:chaiyok!,dear.now.i have to go  back to my

   me:bye..sigh and sigh..hope we will see again.

maybe he can help me.haha...stop dreaming Amna..
its okay laa sometimes we mengOya.hoho.         
~my journey~

as i mentioned in this blog about SMSTMFP.I got new experience~~.i was so glee there..it was fun!i got many new friends~huhu.they're friendly and outspoken.Yeah!but,i gonna miss them..ohh..i hope we will meet again.Amin.I will miss 3 Gamma.all about SMSTMFP..Cafe,Dewan makan,Koperasi,public Phone and hostel.haha.serious nieh.tHAnks for being my friends..


and the others.sorry if i'm not mention your name ea..HOWEVER,you all are always in my heart.don't forget me!hehe.

Say boo to homework!haha.no2.AMna.

Give me all of this.give me.
i wish i will have one.

bubye..i'm tired right now.dead tired.but i still berblogging..weird?ohh..i don't know..sayalah mangsa Tsunami PMR.
                                                                                        with love,

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