hello creatures!haha.I'm come back for a while.just for a while.yeah!huhu. :P first of all,i want to say Happy Father's Day to my lovely father.,i know its late.but why not?haha.its better late than never.right?:D hoho.Baba,Thanks for everything!thanks a lot. :D you are the best one ever.trust me. :D No need to list all your jasa.very2 the banyak.hoho.okeyh?yeah!most appreciated! i love you so much.Just Allah knows how much i love you.May Allah bless you.Amin3.

~the second story~
last Sunday,i went to PErdana Beach Resort.its a konvesyen PuM.(persatuan usahawan Muda)and..next week,i will go to SMS TEngku Faris Petra FOR A WEEK...ohh! Aina said,Korang nie g outstation sokmo..haha.banyak laa outstaion.tired!very2 tired.dead tired.ohh..here are some photos that i snap at PCB.

my school badge.

you see?oouh..that's mine.what?behind me.haha

the big family of usaHawan Muda.~tehee~

waiting for their food patiently.haha.good2.

it is catur Bestari.

mIjaa and K.Aida.

beach..i love it!and the kayu..haha.


Mijaa,Aisha,cikgu Azma.

blue sand..

ALP(Ahli Lembaga PEngarah) 2010.

thats all from me about PUM.yeah! :D

~a sigh~

do you know how i feel?
i never hate you..
you made me feel like this..
with love,

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