already gone :)

Lets start with hello.How are you doing,guys?I'm doing wonderful.haha.maybe. :P so.for this time,i wanna tell you about my little Ultraman.who?He is Muhammad.He was already gone.where?Kedah daa.and till now,i still wanna play with him.ahagaga;haha.serious,babe.Before this,we always stick together and laughing for every~~ minute.Bhaha.I will miss a sweet faces with unlimited smile.oucch..its okay,dear.absence makes the heart grow fonder.~lalala~i'll let it be most wonderful memories that i ever had.Swear.huhu.. :p When you want to come back here?i want to hug you!agagaa..Muhammad,I managed to work as a nursemaid.Lol.so,next time i want to be your nursemaid.haha.can i?~tehehe~ bye~hope we can see again. :D Muahaha!. love you damn really~~tehehe~hee~


The second story~haha~ It's about the school. :p I feel very very very lazy to make the homework.I'm a 'Good' student.bhaha.well,, let me tell you something, I cheat if i said i always do my homework on time.Haha.because i will do it last minute.hehe.so,I hope everything will be okay tomorrow.haha.now you get it?hihi :p and..my sour enemies`~` i love to see you again..haha.so,let me put a fullstop now( .)

If one day you notice that we haven't talked in a while,
if i ignore you,dear..
don't hate me,babe..
its not my fault..
its because you push me away..Yeah!!
its okay,dear..
i will be okay..! :p                                                

                  P/s:sorry for my bad grammar.huhu.as piqa already said,Practice
 makes perfect.~lililil~ so,,bubye..!

                                    lots of love,