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I am being me?and i am me.I dress on my own taste,I choose on my own decision,and I speak the way I speak.I hold to my principes and I kill people who against it, if only I should.What else?tell me.My haters or friends, judge me please? :)Errr,I don't know why.maybe i'm happy with my life now, so I don't think I need to switch it with other people.Like I've said before,I love being me and I am grateful that I am me,not others.Why should I leave all these things to live in others' lives right? that's my life and my right.I realized then, whenever we feel negative about ourselves,how awful we think we are.screw me.!

sep ngotok dorm 6,Thanks for the memories,I keep thinking about them till now,I swear.and now i kept jealous with people who said their school awesome and the best one.plus,their 'GEMPAK' result for final exam.JEALOUS.I can't believe that November is coming to an end.i getting older and older.SPM!wait for me!but,i'm not ready for it,i swear.i should improve my result and my studies.i admit that i never serious when its come to study.even i'm in a serious situation,there is something make me discouraged.i don't know why.maybe i think there's no one to push me.i mean someone who keep give advice and spirit.i'm just a LIFELESS for one year.can you imagine that?i never separate with my lovely mom who is always inspires me.when i living in hostel,no more pot pet pot pet from my umi.When it comes to my umi,there are so many words to describe her! I could spend an hour or more just to talk about her..SHE IS MY SUPERWOMAN FOREVER.

stop rambling amna.grr,rambling?i don't think so.i just expressing my feeling.hey,practice makes perfect,right?just ignore my lousy grammar.haha.That's all for today, see you in next post, perhaps? Bye all! Happy holiday! :)ready for class tuition tomorrow.i will tell you about my resolution for 2011 in the next post.there are many people participate for any 
contest in FB.so,Good Luck.!

with love,

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