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salam..i wanna post about the massive tsunami in Japan and the word of fear,spooky and scared is everywhere..
I am shivering now for many reasons, but mostly about the Tsunami.its so spooky and terrible ever.. I knew about this from Google and some bloggers, plus BBC News. Frankly,I didn't watch any news today but Alhamdulillah, internet is surely here. So, I'm not like 'katak bawah tempurung'. HAHA.while blog walking ,i’ve heard about this.can you imagine it?when i heard about that,i’m just like HAH??I’M SO SHOCKED.i keep asking myself,is it true??its hard to believe.right?it suddenly happened.who knows..Be prepared, pray a lot to Allah for our safety and also for all Muslims around the world. Allah always stay with us and never  far away but.. we always forget about HIM. Now, Allah's giving test for us and we have to face it, ready or not.as i said,we have to face the obstacles..no matter what..
 with love,


  1. Saya tgk berita ni kat Al-Jazeera mlm tadi mmg dasyhat sungguh . Takut sgt . And i imagine what if negara kita yg kena ? mmg semua hancus lah kan . Mana taknya M'sia ni kan kecil . Yang kena kat japan tu kira mcm satu M'sia keluasannya .
    hmm , pray for our saudara saudara semuslim disana agar mereka dilindungi Allah .
    aminn .

  2. YAA.but,we pray for their safety together ea.:)