you made me scared. :)

hey!i'm gazing at you with a determination.ohh..surreptitiously,i'm secretly hoping that you will be mine.can i?how queer.HAHA.NOPE!.everyone has the same feeling.so?toodlessss.To be honest,i'm not actually quite confident and strong fear.i admit it. :)if i fail to get you,ahh i can't imagine!i whisper slowly to my deep heart's core,i want YOU!i wish i can get you,darl.yaa better than before.i mean a nice of you.huhu..hoi!.,what Amna rambling about?nonsense right?no?thanks.HAHA.i'm insane right now.can you feel it?

(YOU) CREDIT to PMR result that i wish better than before.

I wish i can rewind the time and be a dingy kid again,,i want to back to my old world.The time when i was still playing around at the Tabika Kemas,laughing with silly buddies,the way i learned ABC,,123 and a world with a lot of wonderful things.but,i can't and i'm grateful i've enjoyed my childhood moments.Hey,,our life is just like a dramas and we're the main actor or an actress.right?Frankly,i am tired to be an actress.HAHA.its a travelogue that you never realize where and when the begin or the end.huhu.so,be a vivacious person is what everyone dreaming about including me. I crave to be a girl who is vivacious and can lead a good life without no fear.but,the pain will teach me what is the real life and the dilemmas is  apart from that.if you can feel it,you can get a beauty of life.i'm just talking according to my experience.yeah.i found its true.;) The pain is just like a lyric .without it,no more beautiful melody in a song.get it?just be grateful with what you've,then you'll feel the perfectness. :)

last but not least,thanks a million to people who are support me.you are my strength.Alhamdulilah.I'm Okay as well. :)
i learn to love people around me but i never and ever learn how to stop it. :)

The struggles I'm facing.
The chances I'm taking.
Sometimes might knock me down but
No I'm not breaking.
I may not know it but these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember most, yeah.
I Just gotta keep going.
And I gotta be strong.
Just keep pushing on.

~ the climb~

p/s:someone is inspiring me.thanks! :)

with love,

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