i choose friendship.

hallo,guys!you know what,i always spend my time berblogging aa..hehe..because i can express my feeling here.yeah!huhu.so,for today..i would like to stress on about L.O.V.E.~Lalalala~What is LOVE?don't ask me..because i really don't know.haha.ohh..How its feel??wonderful?aha.every people have their own opinion about love..~including me~ So,love your love.haha.what?yaa.i mean appreciate it.okay2!i'm not 'Doktor Cinta'.and now..now..now..japp!loading..LOL.

act,i wanna tell you about someone that i like because of his kindness.maybe., :P He is funny for words..very2 funny.yeah.!very2 love 'mERAjuk'..~haaa~maybe he is not fair like the others Bf(boyfriend)but he is sweet..he is pretty cool.i love his stupid jokes..LOl.and he has a warm smile.ohh.I though my heart occasionally melts for him.hehe..nope2.even i fall in love with him,its just a puppy love.haha.:P its complicated..its hard to explain.he is my buddy!the best one ever.haha.Mijaa said'Cinta akan datang sendiri even kita akan fall in love with our foe.huhu.yeah!~but i never and ever fall in love with my foe.yup!I'm sure for that.very2 sure.i don't know why i wrote about Love,love and love..uhh..sajer2 jer..don't ask me why~~because i don't know. :P bubye.what is love?ahh..study first AMna,.yeah!hehe.LOL.

with love,

broken english.


  1. mark ma words.
    'when it comes to love, someone you hate you can love <33'
    convey ma warmest regards to your future BF. tehehe. ;D

  2. hoho.mark ur words.aha.hello?future bf.~ngee~nope laa.haha. :P yeah!

  3. whatts da song play in ur background??^^

  4. what do u mean,anonymous?i don't get it.