wanna talk about my exam..

today,i had an examination..It was a little bit difficult!!however,i could answered them..thanks Allah!!but...Sometimes,i imitating my friend's answer..hahaha...I gonna crazy..!!just now,in my class,Aisha,Aina,shima n shahdan asked me da answer...fuuuhh...i told them my answer..if wrong,please forgive me!!I hope i will get A's in Sejarah n BM..AMIN.!!Tomorrow, i will have an examination for GEO n BI..I'm so nervous...i want to do my best!!chaiyok!today,when  i shook hands with my mom,i told my mom,'umi,doakan ayung bleh wat dlm pepekrisaan..then my mom answered,'wat molek deh..sungguh terharu..mana tisu nie??when i arrived at school,I saw Aisha..she was busy with her books..huuuh..then she asked me,Amna,awk bco dok Sejarah?takut sayo..then i answered,sye x bco pon hok ting 3..masing2 wat mke blurrr...when i entered my class,i saw something on my desk!!!someone doodled..moron(not real name)wrote something...hey,nate why are you so black,haaa???damn it...i think...i know who wrote this to me...ahhh...it's really frustrating!!fuck you!!get lost!!

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